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I am Mag. Wilhelm Habellöcker

Economist and your expert for immigration issues.
I love reliable information and

I offer you first-hand information and expert assistance for an easy and relaxed life in Spain

You have finally decided to emigrate to Spain to start a new and successful life there (alone or with your family) in a pleasant climate

Or you already live in Spain and want to enjoy a relaxed life there

And you are looking for comprehensive and understandable answers to:

  • topics such as residence law in Spain
  • questions such as: What paperwork and administrative procedures need to be completed in this context (forms/applications? responsible authorities? Deadlines? Costs? Requirements and necessary documents? etc.)?

And you don’t have the time, opportunity or simply don’t want to go to the trouble of gathering all the necessary information yourself.

Then I have the solution for you:

On my information and assistance platform you will find



for more clarity and time to relax

My motto

“Good information saves time and increases the quality of your actions..”

Mike Fischer (*1963), unconventional entrepreneur

My historie

I grew up in a small village in Austria and studied economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Then I worked in the financial administration as head of the taxation department. Among other things, I was responsible for answering difficult legal questions of all kinds, supervising compliance with tax regulations and dealing with appeals against tax assessment notices.

Although I really enjoyed my job, there came a time when life as a civil servant and the routine of everyday life became too tight for me.

So I quit my secure job, packed all my belongings into a backpack and started travelling in search of new challenges.

On this journey through South Africa, Germany and Spain, I worked as a controller and consultant for a German company and as a coordinator for a social network.

Now I’ve been living in Spain for several years in a small house in the countryside. The reason why I live here. It’s quite simple. I love the sun and I like it warm.

Ambitious as I am, I wanted to be well prepared and take care of the required formalities for a longer and legal residence in Spain myself.

So I researched on the Internet and asked friends who had already lived in Spain. In the course of this, I repeatedly came across very general, inadequate and sometimes incorrect information.

The lack of information and half-knowledge was frustrating and unsatisfactory for me.

I therefore began to study the appropriate Spanish legal bases and regulations in order to obtain reliable first-hand information. From this, a vision developed for me.

My vision

To make life easier with good information and expert assistance

  • Collecting and summarising high-quality information (data and facts) from reliable sources

  • Comprehensible and easy-to-understand  presentation of complicated and difficult issues 

  • Sharing my accumulated knowledge and experience with people who are looking for satisfactory and qualified answers

To fulfil my vision, I appreciate your support and cooperation:


Share good first-hand information with your friends and the world

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