First-hand information and expert assistance for an easy and relaxed life in Spain

Mag Wilhelm is a reliable and comprehensive information and assistance platform for citizens who want to immigrate to Spain successfully and/or enjoy a relaxed life there.


More clarity

of facts and data:
from reliabe sources,
comprehensive and detailed

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Experience tips and advice,
clear structure and organisation, simple and understandable,
step-by-step instructions

More Time

For the essential in life:

Complete the required formalities easily and successfully with expert Assistance


If you want more clarity and time and want it to be as quick and easy as possible, then take benefit of my experience as an expat and my expertise as an economist and

What my readers say about it!

"Your platform is really very informative and helpful. Congratulations!!! ... You have helped us better than any lawyer or tax advisor so far."
Roswitha Kiesel Vázquez
"Thank you very much for the excellent information on your homepage. For the first time, I have the impression that I can rely on this information."
Petra Fiolka
"wow that's finally a great link. Thank you very much. All the questions are answered here. Thank you, I'll keep it for next year when we move to Spain."
Heidi Rieger
"Thank you very much for the compendium of well-prepared information. I could have saved myself a book or two. There's a lot of work involved... Thanks to your information and what I've gathered so far, I'm already well prepared."
Peter Wolfgang
"This is the best guide so far for people who want to move...These explanations will help me a lot with my upcoming migration."
Thomas Flach
"This is a very helpful, informative and well-structured site that is easy to read. That is not often the case. The facts dominate here. Congratulations."
Michael Heil
„Good information saves time and increases the quality of your actions“
Mike Fischer (*1963)
unconventional, passionate entrepreneur
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